Our Vision and Mission

Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world.  -Maria Montessori



A world where the whole person is recognized and valued


To cultivate Human Potential

The first step towards enable each child to reach their full human potential is for a child to be in harmony with self and environment. This is accomplished as a child learns to work and enjoys working. Work ,the process, not the product, is what brings fulfillment of the FIVE MAIN GOALS:

1. Concentration: The ability to observe and comprehend, the ability to remain focused on a task for ever increasing amounts of time.

2. Independence: in choices, in decision-making, in care of person and environment and in the responsibility for learning.

3. Inner Discipline: necessary for social and academic development.

4. Purposeful Activity: learning to engage in purposeful activity, as opposed to chaotic or nervous activity

5. Joyful Accomplishment: to experience the feeling of, and to quest for joyful accomplishment (the positive experience is what propels a child to accept himself and desire further knowledge).

With these goals in mind, each child is guided in development at FIVE LEVELS:

  1. Physical - potential learning problems can first be spotted in a young child’s ability to control movements.
  2. Emotional - young children need patience and guidance to learn to control and express their feelings.
  3. Intellectual - young children are collectors of knowledge (they absorb it from their environment).
  4. Mental - to know, to experience, to use all known information for experiments and problem-solving.
  5. Spiritual - develops strength of character, revelation of true personality, and desire to be of service to others.