After much wait, my son has finally started his school life with Montessori House and we would like to thank you for his wonderful first week.  We knew he would settle in well but his reaction when he first saw the toddler classroom made us realize how much he wanted to find a place that has been carefully thought to cater for his needs.

Although, in the mornings he goes in the car saying: "no, Uana", the smile he has when we pick him up shows us he has had a wonderful school day.  At home, he tries
in his own way to tell us the many things he has done in school. Besides,
after less than a week, he doesn't want to wear diapers at home anymore,
an issue we will have to find ways to overcome.

Thank you very much for all you have done for Caio making his transition
to school the best possible. A special thanks to Ms. Juana who only after
a few days is already someone remarkable to our son.

Jose & Maria Mainieri

I want to express my big thanks on organizing the author visit today, you had to see Samuels face telling me the whole story and the importance of a writer and also reading his signed book to me, my husband and Camila he felt very special and proud, the excitement and impact was so huge that even Camila said she wants to back to MHFC, thank you so much for preparing activities to the school that build a memory in our kids that will stay with them forever, he went to sleep holding his book!...

I love your school and THANKS again

Mari Febres


..we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person at the school who has worked very hard for all our kids. Our daugher  has shown tremendous improvement in the short time she has attended this school and made some amazing friends. She really looks forward to coming to school each day. Thank you for all your efforts. We like to especially thank her teacher for her patience and perseverance. We look forward to the year ahead. See you all Aug 24th.

Minal C


Thank you for providing such a loving and caring environment. We appreciate the difficult job you do and the love and care you give.

A &S


Your welcome smiles always offer the start of a happy day to Ray. We really appreciate that.

R.H, LW and ZH


..Everyday when I go to bed I am thankful of having found you! I could not trust my kids to anyone better then you! I am not sure if you understand how many lives you touch and improve with your wonderful work!


Love,  Daniela C.


I want to take this time to Thank you for all your support. Your staff has made the transition from home to school a positive experience for our entire family. I am truly amazing that after only 3-4 weeks our son is looking forward to attending school. Even though the beginning was tough on both of us, you gave him and I the resources and support to preserver. Thanks to you, my son is gaining life skills that I could have never taught him on my own. I'm looking forward to a growing friendship with you and your staff. Again, Thank you.



Kimaya has attended this school for the last 2 years. Needless to say SHE LOVED THIS SCHOOL. It was like a second home for her. Me and My husband are very very happy with this school. You made the transition very easy.---In other words you made our life easier. When I am writing this I am getting very emotional. After thinking about the emotional attachment that we have with the school. We will miss this school and all of you a lot. Since this was Kimaya's first school we will think about this school all our life.

Special thanks to you and your wonderful staff.

Love and regards,