Admissions Policy

Acceptance of Qualified Students

Children are evaluated on the basis of readiness for school and potential for success in a Montessori classroom. It is equally important to determine whether the parents’ educational philosophy is compatible with that of MHFC.


Children ages ~16 months up to age three may begin their Montessori experience in our Toddler Community.

Early Childhood (EC)

The Early Childhood community is a three - four year program, starting at three years of age and continuing through age six.   Completion of the full program allows a child to reap full academic and social benefits, and to be a leader within the classroom as one of the older students. Priority is given to students whose families intend to complete the full EC program. Please note,   Independent toileting is required for placement within an EC classroom.

Lower Elementary (Grades 1-3)

Upper Elementary (grades 4-6)

Lower and Upper Elementary students coming from other Montessori schools, with continuous Montessori experience as well as students coming from non-Montessori backgrounds are eligible for admission on a space available basis following a classroom visit and interview with a guide.

We require the most recent progress reports and report cards.  These must be submitted to the Admissions Office with the application.  A confidential teacher-recommendation form, obtained from the Admission Office and signed by the parent will be sent to the child's present school.  A visit will be scheduled for the student and an informal assessment will be made of the child.

Wait Pool

All applications are placed into our wait pool. We have a wait pool of applicants for each community.

Applicants are chosen from the wait pool based on many factors. The primary point of evaluation is that of readiness for school and potential for success in a Montessori classroom. Priority is given to siblings of currently enrolled students. The age and gender of the applicant are also taken into consideration as MHFC does its best to balance classroom environments.