About Montessori House

We are a warm, friendly and elite private Montessori school dedicated to cultivating the human potential within each of our students and actively engaging them in the natural world. We have a diverse and vibrant school community of approximately  150 students, representing 30 countries. Our authentic Montessori communities serve Toddler through Elementary students in the Houston, Katy and Richmond, Texas areas. Are you new to Montessori? Learn more about Montessori classrooms and the Montessori Method here.

our mission

Cultivating  Human Potential

our Vision

A world where the "whole person" is recognized and valued.

Our commitment to Montessori 

We are committed to following the principles and practices of Montessori philosophy. This authenticity can be seen in the physical classroom environments, the training and certification of staff, and in the core values of the school. 

Our Focus on Nature-

At Montessori House for Children and Montessori House Elementary School, we are dedicated to actively engaging students in the natural world. We view this engagement as a vital part of physical, psychological and intellectual development.

Each classroom has access to outdoor patio and garden areas. Children participate in maintaining and cultivating these areas.  The life cycles of plants and animals are studied and observed in our butterfly path, flower and vegetable gardens.

We are also proud to be part of the ECO School program through the National Wildlife Foundation.  We are currently the only ECO school member in the Katy/Richmond area. In 2015 the school earned the Bronze Eco School award.


What makes our PROGRAMS and school community unique?

A "long view" of education: providing a sound foundation with mastery of concepts which prepares the child to be a contributing member of his society from early age to adulthood

  • Child-centered learning
  • Self directed learning
  • Multi-age communities
  • Uninterrupted work-cycles
  • Beautifully prepared, child-oriented environments
  • Multi-sensory, sequential, self-correcting Montessori materials
  • Concrete- Abstract teaching materials and philosophy
  • Learning which is linked to the natural world
  • Montessori accredited lead teachers
  • Cultivating the potential of the "whole child": the physical, emotional, intellectual, mental and spiritual
  • Diverse school community.
  • Warm and friendly school environment which "feels like home"