“I Didn’t Even Know What I Needed” | A Hurricane Story

Coming back to school this week for the first time after her house was flooded, our front desk admin could only be thankful!

She said that people came to her immediately after the Harvey flooding, looked at her and her neighbors standing outside in misery, and asked – what do you need?

The only thing that could come out of her mouth in answer to this was “I don’t even know what I need.”

Such was the situation experienced thousands of times over this past month.  It is ongoing.  It will be with us for years.

So what was she thankful about?  She was thankful that friends, co-workers and strangers came to her aid, did her thinking for her, decided what was number 1, 2 and 3 in importance, and got to work.  She was thankful for hugs, food, errands, a dry bed at night, laundry and even small talk.  She was thankful for the crew of BP men in their waders who showed up to do the heavy lifting and muck out, who for her looked better than ‘a casting call for Chippendale dancers’.

All these things kept her going, and made her happy and full of gratitude.

So what we learned about ourselves through this past month is that when hard times hit one or many, we don’t wait to be asked or even organized.  We jump in, think for the person who needs help, we work, stay with them, listen to them and care for their basic needs.

We become fully human.