Montessori Peace Education

It's a given that students in our current education system will be introduced to the sciences, math, history, geography and so forth. However, what about other pertinent subjects of education such as independence, responsibility, orderliness, acceptance, and compassion? Or what about peace? You may agree that these subjects have taken a backseat in our system to core subjects and test scores, but in the midst of extreme polarities, it's more important than ever that we instill our future generations with hearts of peace.  Over here, we call the subject Montessori Peace Education.

"...On Earth, Peace, Goodwill Toward Men......" is a common message being sung from malls to halls of worship.

This hope for mankind seems more elusive every day of every year.  And yet, though it seems that peace in the world is as impossible as trying to empty the Gulf of Mexico one bucket at a time, consider instead that each bucket represents one life and one life can change the world.  With this as a possibility we commit to peace education gladly.

Currently, in our school, we have children from 30 countries, speaking over 20 different languages. In this "melting pot" environment, words such as right and wrong are replaced with love and respect. Our children are encouraged to enjoy stories from other parts of the world, feel comfortable seeing different styles of dress, and discover various food choices from other countries. Montessori peace education allows understanding over isolation, compassion over indifference.  It allows a space for peace to exist.

Montessori Schools all over the world practice peace education as a part of their curriculum. Want to learn more? Contact us for a tour and experience the peace for yourself!